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National Chart Toppers 2010 – Procedure & Total Benefit List

1   Neonatal surgery and post-operative care:   $439,626
2   Neonatal surgery and post-operative care:   $350,420
3   Neonatal surgery and post-operative care:   $281,669
4   Neonatal surgery and post-operative care:   $277,289
5   Acute respiratory failure:   $269,972
6   Coronary artery bypass:    $246,869
7   Bowel surgery – rectal resection:     $241,052
8   Oesophagectomy with gastric reconstruction:    $240,500
9   Neonatal surgery and post-operative care:   $214,102
10   Bowel surgery – hemicolectomy:   $203,672

“In 2009 we paid 44,164 claims over $10,000, an increase in 23 percent from 2008, a dramatic increase that is emblematic of growing costs in all areas of the Australian health system.

“These figures also illustrate the limits to self-insurance. With costs of $10,000 and above increasingly common, and health costs growing as fast as they are, people relying on self insurance are risking their financial and their physical health,” he said.

In financial year 2008-09 Medibank Private paid a total of $2.36 billion in hospital and medical benefits, an increase of 10% from the previous year. Medibank Private members were admitted 862,748 hospital admissions in the period.

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